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Committees of the College

The following committees have been established to direct and control the College activities:

Θ College Committee
Θ Department Committee
Θ College Review Committee
Θ Students Assessment Committee
Θ CIs Review Committee – Junior and Senior Courses
Θ Weekly Programme Review Committee
College Committee

The College Committee assists the Commandant in implementing the College Governing Board’s policies/decisions and for directing and controlling the programme of training in the college. The Committee is the highest decision–making body in the College. The Commandant is the Chairman of the College Committee.
Department Committee

Each of the 3 departments of the college has a committee for determining and periodically reviewing the content and conduct of training in the department. The Deputy Commandant is the Chairman of the Department of Joint Studies Committee, while the Directors of the Land, Maritime and Air Force Department are the chairmen of their respective department committees.
College Review Committee

The College Review Committee is responsible for reviewing all instructions to ensure that they meet learning objectives. The Deputy Commandant is the Chairman of the committee.
Students Assessment Committee

The Students Assessment Committee is charged with the responsibility of assessing the performance of students, in order to determine those who qualify for the award of ‘psc’ for the senior and ‘pjsc for the junior course. The committee is also to determine if the students who fall short of the required standard in academics or conduct should be withdrawn from training. The Commandant is the Chairman of this committee.
CIs Review Committee – Junior and Senior Courses

The Chief Instructors Review Committees for Junior and Senior Courses have the responsibility of discussing and resolving instructional and administrative matters related to students training in order to facilitate the work of the College Review Committee. The Chairman is the longest serving Chief Instructor.
Weekly Programme Review Committee

The Weekly Programme Review Committee is responsible for harmonizing the College weekly programmes of the various departments and drawing up a firm programme for the subsequent week of training. The Dy Dir DCDD is the chairman of the committee while the SO1 (Trg) from all the departments are members.

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